the Use Of Capitals In Essay Titles


Despite sharing a root word, this topic has nothing to do with capitalism. You might suggest that everything in a capitalistic society has to do with capitalism, but I don’t have enough time to earn enough money to purchase a winning ticket to that argument so we’ll pretend it isn’t there. During which time of ignorance I will explain that while there are rules and expectations, and possibly guidelines and Bible studies, on the use of capitals in essay titles, nonetheless in this series I am going to capitalize titles however I feel like it.   There once was a man, good with words (as they say), who experimentally inverted the title capitalization rules, apparently emphasizing the unimportant words, to see how it affected the happiness of his readership. That man has since passed away. His tombstone reads “rest In peace,” which is strangely peaceful and balanced while at the same time mildly funny and therefore possibly disrespectful.   Like so many things in our strangely advanced and still wrinkled souls, all this is trivial and yet meaningful, so far up on the Nonessential scale as to be in danger of evaporating on a warm day, which produces rain and feeds all the most beautiful farmlands of humanity: creation, beauty, wit, and even love.