Regarding the movement of Objects (possessed but not Demonic) From location To location


On October 6, 1960, visibility in Napa was 9.9 miles with a mean wind speed of 11.28 mph. This is important because now that I know it I can rent a U-haul and take it to Napa, empty and for no reason. Heather moved from there to Oakland, presumably utilizing a U-haul, although as we know there are other ways to transport one’s earthly possessions… possibly also one’s unearthly possessions although this is less certain, the properties of said goods being themselves vague, so how could we even imagine the manner in which they might be moved? ― but no ― imagining it is the simplest thing, untied to the prerequisites of realism! So let us imagine all our unearthly possessions transported for instance by camels wearing vast polyethylene wings (white and thinly smooth like porcelain, having a similar luminescence), the possessions carried in their mystery in such serene appendages. Also imagine them borne by devotees, mildly masculine with shorn hair and white tee-shirts, downcast eyes and not-over-developed muscles (unnecessary, for their balance is good and the unearthly possessions are weighty but not, after all, exceptionally heavy).

And with a little time we can really make something of this: a ninety-foot Cyclops on military-grade tires; the teacups from a rentable circus; an escaped hamburger flipper with a blue Jansport daypack; my left knee.