Sometimes Sadness

Sometimes sadness walks in
   for tea or pasta
or just to sit with you while you
   balance the checkbook
detouring from someone else’s tragedy,
   or loosely associated by friendship
or relations, sometimes just
   a residue of Human Life.
Sadness sometimes brings a friend –
   fear – to remind you that anything
can happen, that even you
   could walk in on your one true love
with some other love in his arms
   could mistake a patch of bright sun
for a turnout by the road
   and fling your car into the air
above a deep ravine
Or sometimes sadness brings
   loneliness, so that everything they did
without you is an emptiness
   and every time they didn’t call
a loss.

But always sadness hands you gifts,
   unwrapped, a little heavy
of smallness, of opening vulnerable eyes,
   of watching the sky shed tears,
and also god,
   who is known to weep.